3ncrypt3d Club Commences the 2023-2024 School Year

3ncrypt3d Club started off the school year strong with over 30 members in attendance at the first meeting on August 17th in room B-23! New and returning students from Introduction to Computer Science, IT Essentials, CCNA I and II came to attend.

The meeting began with a small introduction from Mr. Smith and an explanation of what students could expect from involvement in the club. Officer elections came shortly after, members were eager to gain an influential position in the club. Nicholas Douty, a returning member and last year’s Vice President, was elected as President for the 2023-2024 school year. Valeria Ramirez, also a returning member, was elected as Vice President. Dorian Chittun, who is a new member of the club, was elected Secretary. Natalie Lewis was elected for the Treasurer position. Priti Garcia, a first-time member, was elected Historian.

Discussions about modifying the constitution began after the elections. Many members suggested that the club be opened to students who are not involved in the IT curriculum. Yet, the decision did not meet a major consensus. After the 2023-2024 club constitution was ratified, President, Nick Douty, and Vice President, Valeria Ramirez, were quick to teach members about some basics of Cryptography. Concepts surrounding hashing were discussed and members were informed of what competition season entails. Many new members were able to gain insight into what they would learn from being a part of the club and everyone’s excitement surrounding competitions peaked!

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