CyberPatriot Round One

Competition season has arrived and the members of the 3ncrypt3d Club are feeling the pressure this morning. Teams are eager to get their hands on images, packet tracers, and the Cisco quiz. Each member plays a vital role during the competition; researchers support those working on servers by carefully reviewing checklists and identifying helpful procedures. Returning members lend knowledgeable tips to first-time competitors. All students make a considerable effort towards the success of their teams as they utilize notes, checklists, and the advice of fellow teammates. As the hour passed, the points began to gradually flow in on servers and packet tracers alike. In the last hour of the competition, teams begin to hit walls and feel stuck. Thankfully, Crystal Garcia, Valeria Ramirez, and Natalie Lewis contributed delicious snacks for the teams. Members switch places and take breaks in order to keep a fresh mind. Each member utilizes their own strategies to push through the first round, yet all display the same persistence to obtain full points.

Under the new four-hour time constriction our teams were able to keep up and rack up a nice sum of points, some even receiving full points on images and packet tracers. In the last few minutes of the competition, teams made some large strides with the Linux image.

Round one proved to be successful for all teams and each member navigated a new path. New members worked on official images for the first time and returning members worked under the new time constraint. All members, no matter the team, can agree that every point matters. Way to make it through Round 1!

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