Hackathon 2024

Our High Desert Hackathon, hosted by MDCP Career Pathways, is a shorter and sweeter version of the traditional Hackathon. The 4-hour competition requires students with different skill sets to collaborate and improve upon or build a new technology-reliant product. Our Encrypted Club, alongside many other students and coaches from various High Desert schools, embarked on a journey to Apple Valley High School to participate in the annual event! As students and coaches arrived they were introduced to the new layout of the competition.

Teams comprised students from the various schools and coaches were randomly assigned to the groups. This new method for forming teams allowed students to collaborate with the other schools and experience the different technology related skills taught across the high desert. All teams were presented with the prompt for the competition, “Create an app or device that promotes sustainability,” and given 4-hours to work as well as access to various tools.

Encrypted Club member Eli Lambert Coffey places in the 1st place team.

Our Encrypted Club Bulldogs did an amazing job as each placing team featured members from Encrypted Club.

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