Preparing for Round One | October 19th

The last official practice prior to 3ncrypt3d Club’s first competition of the season features advice for competition, team bonding, and strategy discussion. Mr. Smith opened the meeting by reminding members of the new 4-hour time constriction that teams will be working under. He advises teams to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to designate who will work on what. Teams gather together and begin sharing what they feel most comfortable working on during the competition. Each team has a total of 5-6 members, including an advanced member from CCNA II. Each of the five teams features a mixture of first-year and returning students.

Conversations within teams focus on methods to prepare for competition. President Nick Douty, a member of team DogBytes, has his members prepare by reviewing his own notes from previous competition years. Nick, a returning member and experienced Cyberpatriot participant, has developed a strong checklist to ensure all points are acquired. Other teams have developed similar checklists as experience with Cyberpatriot builds familiarity with images. CyberHounds member Jesus Chavez shares his enthusiasm surrounding his first year competing, “I am excited to work with my team and learn the ins and outs of CyberPatriot.” Vice President, Valeria Ramirez, talks with her team about strategy and updates her notes with new information shared with her. She is most excited to work on packet tracers and prepare by updating her knowledge of advanced concepts.

All students show an apparent excitement to participate in the competition and are expected to do phenomenally! Good Luck 3ncrypt3d Club Bulldogs!

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