Project Showcase 2024

The annual Oak Hills High School Project Showcase commemorates the beginning of each year by displaying the assets of various clubs, sports, and classes on campus to incoming Bulldog freshmen. Incoming freshmen and their families are exposed to what is offered on our campus and future students gain a better idea of what they want to participate in and how they want to organize their schedules.

The Cisco Academy CTE Pathways, along with Encrypted Club, showed off their acquired knowledge of computer hardware, networking fundamentals, IP Services, security fundamentals, and Linux terminals. This year Jesus Chavez Duarte and Mason Grenne were selected to demonstrate their knowledge of computer hardware with a live computer build. Each year, this PC build is done by students who are currently in or have completed the IT Essentials class. Jesus and Mason are currently students in the Internet Engineering I class part of the second Cisco CTE Pathway available to students. At the end of the night, a lucky showcase attendee would receive the PC Build, complete with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This build is made possible every year by our faithful sponsors. This year’s sponsors include Roundabout Grill, Pancho’s, World’s Tallest Thermometer, and Western Academy. Furthermore, both Internet Engineering I and II had the opportunity to showcase their sophisticated packet tracers, which they utilize in the classroom, as well as the actual routers and switches they use for practicums and hands-on laboratories. Since Red Hat Linux is a subject they are also taking in the second semester, Internet Engineering II was also able to showcase it on the side.

After the computer was successfully constructed at night’s end, Oak Hills High School Principal Mr. Capps had the privilege of selecting Issac Guevara¬†and his family as the recipients of the computer giveaway. All in all, the evening proved to be rewarding as Encrypted Club managed to advertise the IT program, garnered interest from numerous families passing by, and distributed the majority of the goodie bags containing numerous items from the club’s sponsors.

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