2023 SoCal Cyber Cup

Due to a rough start of the electricity being turned off at Oak Hills High School due to road construction, students had to resort to competing remotely. Despite the changes, the Encrypted Club still managed to perform well in the SoCal Cyber Cup.

Similarly, to last year, teams competed on Cyber Skyline which provided different sections such as Web Application Exploitation, Forensics, Network Traffic Analysis, etc. Throughout the six-hour time frame, teams communicated through Discord as Coach Smith would check in on everyone to make sure that no teams were going through any technical difficulties since there were team members that were unfamiliar with the idea of competing online.

At the end of the competition and out of 91 teams, DogBytes placed 8th, OHHSTech placed 10th, WatchDogs placed 15th, CyberHounds placed 17th, and Digital Dogs placed 18th. Despite the challenges that each team endured throughout the competition, they managed to pull through with amazing performances and results. Congratulations to all the teams that have competed, you have done very well despite the circumstances. I’m proud of you!

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